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we’re currently looking for a part-time administrator.

Inspire die-hard fans to grow your business & sing your praises to the ends of the earth with a strong brand experience


concept on is your super-duper, good-as perth brand agency.
we believe passion should shine. especially if it lights up the world.
what do we do with passion? glad you asked… we build beautiful brands, from brilliant ideas.
we’re doing pretty darn well at this. so well that we need an extra set of hands to help us on various tasks, & we want more players for our weekly office wine + cheese sesh.
start-up phase is where we’re at, but gosh we’re happy & thriving. every day we’re evolving & adapting. we challenge the status quo & refuse to be held back by the notion, “that’s just the way it is.” as a potential teammate, we think it’d be great if you felt similarly.
you’re an alpha administrator.
with a thirst for always bettering yourself.
of course, you’re a poster child for can-do attitudes & a customer service queen or king. no matter the role, you’re always eager to make it your own.
sound like you? cool! we wanna hear from you. read on…

what ya could be

what you might

what we’ll be

what we want

as we grow, we’ll need someone full-time.
right now, part-time will suit the amount of work we have for you.

let’s see if we make a great, ass-kicking team, then we can grow together! we’ll teach you everything we can, from relationship nurturing to business management.

we believe growth should be two-way. as we do, so should you. & we’ll do everything we can to support you. we prioritise two-way feedback, so we welcome comments & suggestions. fresh perspectives are something we want more of.

when you’re feeling comfortable, you’ll take on more responsibility, managing projects & tasking us with work as you need us, building your own team, & working towards making this position full-time.

keen to join?

send your resume & cover letter via the form below.

we encourage creativity & unconventional applications.
don’t be afraid to be different & show your personality. this is what we love most.

also…students are totally welcome to apply.
we’re all still students in some respect.