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Is your business lacking that certain “je-ne-sais-quoi” to reach the next level?

get a logo and brand guidelines that effectively boost engagement and conversions, resulting in significant growth in online traffic and sales.

cherry on top, our packages start from $3000* and are delivered within a timeframe of 3 months.

*the price mentioned does not include tax (USD). please note that the timeline for the project may vary based on the client’s response time.

fierce logo, fierce business

how a sharp logo can take your business to the next level.

it’s important to look the part to be taken seriously.

just like you dress accordingly for a client meeting, your business deserve to present in the best possible way.

having a good looking logo & a sharp brand will help you to:

  • enhance your recognition
  • strengthen your credibility
  • increase your potential clients’ trust
  • optimise your conversion rate
  • give you a competitive advantage
  • drive engagement and conversions
  • increase online traffic and sales

& ultimately, enhance your business growth

more than a logo

get a brand.

we don’t just stop at logos; we consider the broader brand perspective from the start.

with your new logo, we’ll establish a strong foundation for building your brand. this includes developing a colour palette, selecting typography, and creating an overall aesthetic.

in addition to the logo design, we provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines that can be implemented across all your touch-points, such as your website, social media platforms, and marketing materials.

efficient teamwork

our process get you involve & get results.

our simplified & inclusive approach ensures optimise creation while involving you in the process.

day 1


day 1

we discuss your company, products, values, objectives, target audience, and aspirations.

day 30

mood board

day 30

we present up to three mood boards to show potential logo directions and gather your feedback.

day 60

logo concepts

day 60

based on the mood boards and your input, we create up to three logo concepts for your comments.

day 90


day 90

we finalize the logo based on your feedback and put together a comprehensive brand guidelines.

meet our founder

& creative director: charlie.


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